Retouching Your Photographs is Crucial

Retouching Photos Is Crucial For Good Portraits

You hired a photographer to create some nice portraits for you. You spend time getting your clothes together, you make a hair appointment and you’re ready for your photo session. You show up to your session and the photographer goes through a series of photos.

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You change clothes and go through another series of photographs. You’re feeling pretty good about your portrait session. You put on your last set of clothes and the photographer goes through another series of photos.

You’re done with your portrait session. You pay the photographer and he tells you to expect a link to an online gallery to view and order prints and enlargements. You place your big order and when you get them delivered your jaw drops to the ground in total shock. The photographer did not retouch one of your photographs. How annoying is that? You’re feeling really upset and ripped off. Your skin is oily, there are stray hairs all over the place. It’s total disaster. You call the photographer and tell him yo are upset with the images.

Ask The Photographer For Basic Retouching

His reply is, “you have to pay extra for retouching and you didn’t ask for any”. After spending all of that money on my portraits you couldn’t at least do some kind of retouching to smooth out my wrinkle lines and take out the shiny spots?  His reply, “You should have told me so I could give you a quote for basic photo retouching.”.

This is not a good practice to have if you area professional photographer. You have to put your name on your photography work and not retouching the photos they pay to have printed is just unheard of. Or, is it?

Hiring A Reputable Photographer For Retouching

Many weekend type photographers are making quick money and charging cheap prices. This is one of the main reasons they are cheap. They don’t put a whole lot of effort into the whole portrait session. Photo retouching is what makes the session complete. If you are serious about hiring a good photographer be sure to check out their website to see if they mention photo retouching. If you don’t see it on their website then call and ask them.

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If photo retouching is not included then ask them how much more it costs to have x-number amount of images touched up so they can look their best when you receive them. Most photographers charge an average of $20 – $25 per images for a basic retouching and color correction. This should include removing stray hairs.

Contact our photo studio for our photography portfolio. Ask us about retouching photographs you have laying around. We can make them stand out for you.